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The growth in Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is starting to change our energy market, and with renewable power now being low cost many buyers are starting to wake up to the opportunity of how dealing directly with clean energy sellers can help deliver carbon and cost requirements.

We’re working with RE100 and business groups to make sure that the right companies are at RE-Source UK 2020. Don’t miss the opportunity to reap the benefits of this exciting market innovation.

Who will I meet?

RE-Source UK 2020 is an unmissable opportunity to:

  • Exchange information about renewable energy procurement and PPAs (costs, challenges, opportunities, regulations, contracts, etc.)

  • Facilitate B2B connections between corporate and public sector buyers and renewable electricity suppliers

  • Influence decision-makers to introduce favourable and stable regulatory frameworks for renewable power procurement and consumption.




We are closely monitoring the advice given by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer and the World Health Organisation. We currently have no plans to cancel any of our events. More information is available here.



RenewableUK’s members are building our future energy system, powered by clean electricity. We bring them together to deliver that future faster; a future which is better for industry, billpayers, and the environment. We support over 400 member companies to ensure increasing amounts of renewable electricity are deployed across the UK and to access export markets all over the world. Our members are business leaders, technology innovators, and expert thinkers from right across industry.

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Solar Trade Association

The STA is the UK’s leading voice for the solar and storage industries, with a proven track record of winning breakthroughs across the sector. Since 1978, the STA has worked to promote the benefits of solar and to make its adoption easy and profitable for domestic and commercial users. Our incisive research, policy development, and lobbying helps shape Government policy and regulation to reinforce solar’s exceptional synergies with storage, EVs and smart grids. ​

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